Skopje 2 Go, your Android pocket tourist guide for Skopje!


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Sk2Go is your Android pocket tourist guide, built to help you organise your stay in Skopje better, and show you how to make the best out of it. It is built upon a background database of over 1300 locations like coffee shops, clubs, restaurants, museums, historical sites etc, which makes it a perfect source of informations for whatever you might need as a visitor to our capital. Our team involved developers, designers, artists and historians, engineers and painters, CEO's and students, all with a common goal - to gather all this expirience and expertise into one focal point which is Sk2Go, the one app you need for your stay in Skopje.
Sk2Go was built by Intelligent Network Solutions ( with the support of the City of Skopje ( as a part of the festival Skopje Kreativa (


All of the locations in our database are divided into 7 categories: Arts and historical sites, Food and dining, Business and enterpreneurs, Nightlife and lounging, Shopping, Parks and outdoors spots, Public venues. Whichever category you choose, the list gives out 30 geographically closest spots near your current location. A perfect way to get a fast info on e.g. what are the spots to get something to eat in Skopje in your current vicinity. Each found location is accompanied by additional info (if available) like phone, address, website, description etc.


The nearby section shows all the spots, regardles of their category, that can be found in your area. It's an easy and intuitive way to see everything in your vicinity, with just a single tap, visuelised on a map of the area around your current location. The map markers are active, which means that with a single tap you can access additional info about any of the visible points.


Sk2Go recommends expiriencing Skopje in many different ways, and we did our best to make a set of predefined, self-guided tours that you can use.Are you in Skopje for just one day? Don't worry, we got you covered. Are you in Skopje for 3 days? Even better, we have so many things to show you. Check out the tours, they incorporate informations about location's geography, the time you might need to spend at one particular venue, amount of fees for entrances to museums, artistic and historical values of locations.


You stumbled accross a location that you would like to visit later? No problem, just tap the save button in the screen for the point details, and all of your saves will be kept in here. This is a list of all of you saves, you can manage it by sliding the list item and use the management buttons, or directly form the location detail screen.